Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Bunny's Gift

My follicle scan this morning revealed that the Easter Bunny left me one nice looking 18 mm egg on my right ovary. I can feel it actually so I knew there was going to be something there. My lining looked thick and Doc said I will ovulate within the next two days. I could see the lh line starting to appear on my monitor sticks this morning too. Hopefully she is right again.  I will admit, to go from 45-60 day cycles to ovulating around 14 like regular women sure is nice! She also said I could switch from the Endometrium suppositories (costing us about 115 bucks for  3 weeks) to Prometrium suppositiores which will be nicer on the pocketbook. The Clomid was a lot easier to handle this month and I won an insurance battle over a $5,000 bill for my initial consult back in January. I'm on Spring Break and have a great weekend ahead with familiy for my cousin's wedding weekend. To sum it all up - Things are looking good!

Happy Spring!