Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The code that nobody wants.
The diagnostic code labeled on all my charts, all my paperwork, all my bills and insurance claims.
Habitual Aborter.
Whoever thought of that label for patients is cruel and I'd love just five minutes to ask them what the heck they were thinking when they decided to create that term when diagnosing someone. As if dealing doctors throwing around terms like "Recurring Fetal Demise" isn' bad enough you have the words "habitual aborter" thrown in your face and on all of your paperwork.
I could cross it out, dump white out over it, or try to delete it but it will always be there now.
What an ugly term for an ugly diagnosis.


  1. Hi K. I'm here from ICLW. That is truly awful. I'm so sorry about your losses. I hope 2012 brings light and love.

  2. Thanks again for stopping by to comment today. That term is simply AWFUL, though I don't know if there is a nice way to describe such a tragic thing. Thinking of you and sending you lots of hope that this will work for you sooner rather than later.

  3. what a horrible insensitive term. i'm so sorry you have to be labled that way.

  4. I'm here via ICLW, and I hate that I have that diagnosis as well. It's so horrible, and whomever labeled it that obviously had never dealt with miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

  5. Tracey (The Fertility Daily)April 23, 2012 at 6:23 PM

    OMG that's a horrible term. Obviously created by some cold man. So sorry you have to see it all over. And live it. One twin loss was hard enough for me to bear, I'm sorry for your many losses. I hope you have another happy ending soon.
    I'm tracey, an IVF mom, who never forgot being infertile. I'm here from ICLW #92 hoping to help others.I blog for my IVF docs at Long Island IVF so I can share my stories. I'm hoping ICLW and NIAW can help me find new blogs and spread the word about LIIVF's free Micro-IVF cycle contest kicking off this week. Details for those interested are on the blog or Long Island IVF's FB page

  6. It is a horrible term.

    And it is horrible to have it written on your files.

    And I know several people here who find it very awful.


  7. From a fellow HA-er, I absolutely agree. The first time I saw the term (on an ER discharge form) I launched into a 20 minute tirade on my husband about I didn't make a 'habit' of aborting.

    I'm so sorry.