Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Testing, Testing, 1. 2. 3.

My initial consult with the "miscarriage whisperer" as she's been called in books was a few weeks ago.  I wanted to document some of the tests she is running on me and for reference to anyone else finding themselves in this position. I feel like every six months I go through test after test after test...
*Restesting Fetal Chromosomes.  I had my first and third miscarriage tested. I think for the second one I was in such shock that it happened again that I just had my husband take care of arrangements with the funeral home and didn't even think about testing. Anyways, they were not able to grow cells from either culture therefore no results were found. Hospitals keep tissue in wax blocks for 20 years. We are having those wax blocks extracted and sent to California to see if they can get DNA from the tissue. I am not holding my breath too long for these results as many times they still are not able to get results.  I will also be able to find out the genders of the babies so I know that's going to be a hard pill to swallow. I have my hunches so hopefully knowing if I was right will give me some closure. We'll see.
*She also wants to take a closer look if I really do have PCOS. I've retaken some hormone tests,  fasting insulin/glucose and will have an ultrasound of my ovaries on Thursday. She has taken me off the metformin too. The newest clincal research study just proved that Clomid is still the number one drug to induce ovulation...so she is taking me off metformin and I will be on Clomid once I can try to get pregnant again. It was hard for me to accept going off if since I don't ovulate without it...but man oh man did that drug make me sick for the past two years- so I don't miss that!
*Thyroid numbers.  She will treat a TSH number over 2.5 and my last two non-pregnant numbers were 3.08 and 2.8. The numbers climb higher during pregnancy so she wants to look closer at that.
*Re-testing all non-inherited blood clotting tests.
*Hysteroscope to look for scar tissue, infection and residual septum. And yes, I will be awake and watching with her.
*Endometrial Biopsy
I go Thursday for the hysteroscope/biopsy/ultrasound and follow up. Fun day, huh? I am anxious so send your prayers and good thoughts my way please. Just as my luck has gone these days the hospital where I had my D &C's screwed up and only sent out my slides to pathology...and never sent the wax blocks out for the DNA. So I won't have those results as they are just being sent now. Should have been done 4 weeks ago. I was so mad when I found out, but I guess at least they found them as many times they are lost. I am TRYING to stay positive in 2012...My luck has to change at some point!
I have been given the red light in trying to get pregnant until she has a plan for me. It's so hard having the red light! She has told me I will be on Clomid and I do know I will be monitored and followed very closely next pregnancy.  In the meantime I'd love to ask a certain Mr. Cruise if I could have his ultrasound machine on stand by for when the time comes...


  1. Wow you have been to hell and back. I'm so sorry. Well you just scored a new supporter in me. I too hope to high heaven that 2012 brings change, but I think I said that last year and the year before that.

    I wish you a quick recovery after Friday. Stay strong. All we can do is keep trying..

    You should get an invite to my blog today.. The private one.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so sorry you have had such a rough journey. I can't imagine the pain you have felt with each miscarriage. Hugs to you and my hope for you is that this is your year! :)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It sounds like you've had a pretty rough way to go so far. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I know while finding out the gender of my babies was hard it brought me so much closure. I named them and mourned their names and faces I never got to know and then I released two balloons for them on Mother's Day and I know they are in God's hands now and I will see them again some day.